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Rustin D. Meyer Professor of Psychology Georgia Institute of Technology

Dr. Rustin D. Meyer

Rustin Meyer [email protected]

Rustin Meyer [email protected]

GA Tech


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Situational Strength as a Means of Conceptualizing Context

Defining the nature and structure of work situations

Numerous researchers throughout the last several decades have argued that the social sciences would benefit from a taxonomy of situations. A number of efforts to develop such a system exist, but none has been readily embraced. This study examines the feasibility of adapting the nature and structure of the Linnaean Taxonomy of organisms to the study of situations by categorizing types of work situations on the basis of the dimensions that define them. Results derived from multiple independent samples converge on the idea that four types of work situations (i.e., bureaucratic, prosaic, incubative, and strategic) can be classified by their standing on two orthogonal dimensions (i.e., formality-informality and maintenance-development). This structure is not only intended to serve as a consistent way for organizational scientists to conceptualize work situations, but is also designed to serve as the foundation for a larger taxonomy that can be developed and utilized by researchers across diverse fields to better understand situations in general.,7,29,106,113,114,123&AbAuthor&Subject_ID&Day_ID=all&keyword